Boost your Muscle Mass!

Besides working out hard and lifting weights, is there something you can do nutritionally to increase your muscle mass?


Yes there is! Recent research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that young men who drank fat-free milk soon after exercising gained nearly 40% more muscle mass than those who drank a soy beverage and gained 60% more than those who consumed a sweetened sports drink. An added bonus was that the milk drinkers lost more body fat in a 12 week period, nearly 4 times more than the soy drinkers and 60% more than the sports drinkers. Because milk contains 2 types of proteins, whey and casein, it is a very high quality protein. Both whey and casein contain all of the essential amino acids and whey also contains leucine which may be the key trigger for the synthesis of new muscle proteins. So drink up! 

In addition to providing high quality protein, you will also be providing your body with much needed calcium and Vitamins A & D. To maximize your muscle mass, your nutrition should be optimal. I can help you reach your potential by providing personal nutrition counseling. Contact me thru my consulting link or e-mail me at